Time Between Time

“Time between time” in the context of the days after Samhain leading into the Winter Solstice is a significant period in many spiritual paths. This phase is often viewed as a deeply introspective and contemplative time, holding great spiritual significance.

1. Post-Samhain Reflection:

Samhain, typically celebrated at the end of October, is considered a time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. It’s a period of honoring ancestors and the spirit world. The days following Samhain provide an opportunity for reflection on these connections and insights gained during this potent time.

2. Darkening Days:

As you approach the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the increasing darkness is symbolic. This period of growing darkness can represent a time of going inward, much like nature itself. It’s a time for introspection, understanding the darker aspects of oneself, and acknowledging the cycle of death and rebirth. This can be both a personal and a communal journey.

3. Contemplation and Preparation:

This time is often used for deep contemplation. This can involve meditation, tarot reading, journaling, or other spiritual practices that help in delving deep into one’s psyche and spiritual path. It’s a time to shed old patterns and prepare for new beginnings, mirroring nature’s cycle.

4. Winter Solstice – Rebirth and Renewal:

The Winter Solstice marks the point when the days begin to lengthen again, symbolizing the return of the light. This is often celebrated as a time of rebirth and renewal. The introspection and lessons learned during the darker days are integrated, and intentions for the coming cycle are set.

5. Integration with Tarot Practices:

As a Druid and tarot practitioner, this period can be particularly meaningful. I am finding that tarot readings during this time are more introspective, focusing on themes of transformation, inner wisdom, and the cycle of growth and decay. Rituals and practices that align with the energy of this time can be particularly potent.

The “time between time” from Samhain to the Winter Solstice thus serves as a spiritual bridge, allowing for deep inner work and preparation for the rebirth symbolized by the return of the light at the Solstice. It’s a unique period where the usual flow of time feels suspended, offering a space for profound spiritual growth and transformation.

If you’re seeking deeper understanding or guidance during this transformative period, I invite you to book a personal tarot reading with me. Together, we can illuminate the path ahead and embrace the transformative power of this sacred time.

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