Tarot Reading

Open your mind to the potential of Tarot to shift perspectives and illuminate possibility.

So there you have it! No fortune telling. No predictions of the future. The tarot advises me on possible outcomes of situations I am in or questions that bother me.

The first time I consulted the tarot in a family matter, it did not predict the outcome, but advised me on the situation the other stakeholders were in, their motivations and ideas on how to respond to claims during negotiations. It also shone a light on future behaviour of all involved. For example: one of them would most likely renegotiate any outcome, even though the goal would be to finish of everything. Weaponed with the insights, I can only say that the talks went very well, and we reached a result. We took a note, and all signed for that what we discussed would be the end and not open for further negotiation. What a relief when 6 months later one member tried to break open the final agreement, and we could show them they signed for final quittance.

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