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Having a Mystical Tarot reading with Jan Tetteroo β€œThe Druid” is like shining your guiding light on a transformative journey to self-discovery and acceptance. As a passionate tarot practitioner and life coach, Jan offers a unique blend of wisdom and intuition that speaks to the heart.Β 

In the enchanting landscape of Killarney, Ireland, our Tarot Studio is a haven for those seeking purpose and a safe space for those yearning to be seen and accepted for who they truly are.Β 

Whether you prefer in-person sessions at Holistic Fairs or the convenience of online consultations through Zoom and WhatsApp, Jan’s expertise in the Mystical Art of Tarot is a beacon of hope on your path to empowerment and fulfilment. Embrace your true self and find the answers you seek with a Tarot Reading by the Druid.

Each session is a voyage of profound insight and empowerment. Jan’s compassionate guidance and the mystical allure of tarot cards combine to create an experience that not only reveals your path but also lights the way to self-acceptance and purpose.

In the embrace of the Druid’s wisdom, find a sanctuary where your soul’s whispers are heard and honored. Let each card drawn be a balm to your uncertainties, offering clarity amidst life’s chaos. With Jan’s guidance, embark on a journey that promises not just answers, but a profound sense of relief, a rekindling of joy, and the security of being seen in all your beautiful complexities. Discover a place where happiness isn’t just a fleeting emotion, but a profound realization of one’s place in the universe.

Additional Druidic Services

  • Druidic Moonlight Meditations: Discover the ancient wisdom of the Druids in a unique way with Jan’s Druidic Moonlight Meditations. Held under the enchanting Irish moonlight, these sessions provide a mystical connection to nature’s cycles and your own inner rhythms. The moonlit experience deepens your tarot insights and adds a touch of magic to your quest for purpose and self-recognition.

  • Sacred Storytelling Sessions: Dive into the rich tapestry of your own life with Jan’s Sacred Storytelling Sessions. Explore your personal narrative and unearth the hidden gems of your journey. These sessions infuse your tarot reading with the magic of storytelling, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the chapters of your life.

  • Seasonal Celtic Rituals: In addition to tarot readings and life coaching, Jan offers unique, seasonal Celtic rituals that allow you to tap into the ancient wisdom and traditions of the Druids. These rituals provide a deeper connection to the cycles of nature and can be a transformative addition to your spiritual journey.

  • Life Rites and Blessings: Jan Tetteroo offers personalized life rites and blessings to mark significant moments like birth, wedding/handfasting, coming of age, renewal of vows and funerals. Whether it’s a new beginning, a milestone, or a transition, these sacred ceremonies are designed to honour and empower your path. They add a profound layer of meaning to these special moments in your life, making your big event even more special and memorable.

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With only a select few spots available at bustling Holistic Fairs and limited openings for short-notice sessions both in Killarney and online, seize the moment and secure your chance to experience Druid Jan Tetteroo’s transformative tarot readings before they’re fully booked.

What others say

Jan is truly an experienced reader, seamlessly intertwining ancient wisdom with modern insights. I’ve never had the cards explained in such a relatable manner before.
β€” Siobhan M., Limerick

Every time I sit with Jan for a reading, I leave with a heart full of clarity and hope. He has a unique way of making everything understandable, even for someone new to tarot like me.
β€” Maeve O., Dublin

There’s a profound sense of relief after each session with Jan. I can’t quite put it into words, but I genuinely feel so much better now. It’s as if a weight has been lifted.
β€” Eilish K., Dunmanway

After my reading with Jan, not only did I gain clarity, but I also found the courage to pursue my passions. I’m ecstatic to share that I’ve now landed my dream job! A huge thank you to Druid Jan Tetteroo.
β€” Fionn B., Westport

Rest assured, with Jan’s extensive experience, his approachable, friendly, and open-minded nature, and his high visibility in the field, your journey to self-discovery not only becomes less risky but also shines with a clear light, making your decision to move forward a transparent and empowering choice.

Still doubtful? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you ready to break free from the confusion and uncertainty that has held you back, and embark on a journey towards self-acceptance and clarity?

  2. Can you imagine the transformation that’s possible when a seasoned expert with a warm heart and open mind guides you towards your dream job, your purpose, and the happiness you’ve been longing for?

  3. Do you want to continue navigating the complexities of life on your own, or is it time to step into a space where lifelong experience, open-minded guidance, and high visibility come together to illuminate your path and empower your soul?

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