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Hello, and welcome to my tarot-reading-services page! My name is Jan Tetteroo, and I am a Druid, Tarot Reader, Life Coach, and Spiritual Mentor. I have been on my own spiritual journey for many years, and it is my passion to help others on their own paths of growth and self-discovery.

Looking for Answers? Guidance? Or simply a new perspective?

Tarot Readings

Explore a Cauldron of Wisdom

A comprehensive reading can help resolve questions and much more!

As a professional Tarot-Reader, I will go beyond simple fortune telling. In a reading, we analyse your current situation, what got you there, and actions can you take to influence the outcome.

We can go deep into a specific topic like:

  • Love and relationships.
  • Career, money, or business.
  • Past, Present, Future.
  • Life’s big question.

I also do general readings where we try to find out which aspects of life are of importance and how to approach these. Here, the question would most likely be:

What is it I need to know today?

I can do a reading in person on our location near Killarney, Ireland or meet you on video in my Online Studio for a session by Zoom, Skype, MS Teams or Google Meet.. 
Card readings sessions by phone, WhatsApp and e-mail are possible as well. 

Price for a 30-40 minute online reading: €55.

Click the button below to find a time that suits you.

Are you seeking clarity and insight into your life? Look no further than my Tarot-reading-services! I am a skilled Tarot-reader with years of experience and able to provide you with valuable insights into your past, present, and future. Whether you have questions about love, career, or personal growth, our I can help guide you on your path. Book a session today and discover the wisdom and guidance the Tarot has to offer.

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Phone: +353(0)89 4622 115 (mobile)
E- Mail: [email protected]

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