Discover the Magic: Tarot of the Everlasting Day

New Deck: Tarot of the Everlasting Day

The Tarot of the Everlasting Day is a unique and innovative tarot deck. It offers something for both beginners and experienced tarot readers. This deck has been carefully constructed to be easily read from the images. It also contains deeper kabbalistic and esoteric symbolism that will reward the experienced reader.

One of the standout features of this deck is the inclusion of both a scenic and pip set of Minors. This allows readers to use the deck in a variety of ways. They can use the scenic cards to read in a similar style to Waite-Smith or Golden Dawn tarot decks. Besides that, you can easily swap the pip cards in the Minor Arcana to read in a style suited to Tarot de Marseille or Thoth decks. In addition, the court cards, represent the nascent energy of each of the Aces. They provide additional visualisation options for those who wish to delve deeper into the elemental energies.

The Tarot of the Everlasting Day has been constructed using the themes and symbolism of the Golden Dawn and Waite-Smith tarot decks. It is based on decades of research and experience by Tarot Guru Marcus Katz. The deck contains approximately 130 cards in total, including 22 Major Arcana, 16 Court Cards, and 2 x 40 Minor Arcana cards.

Tarot of the Everlasting Day - Tarot Reading Ireland

Reading the Everlasting Day Tarot.

This deck is suitable for a variety of tarot readings. This includes detailed questions and answer readings or general readings. I offer comprehensive 10-card tarot readings, and even 36-card Grand Tableau readings. Do you prefer in-person readings? I can give them in Killarney or at Holistic Fairs throughout Ireland. If you would rather receive your reading over the phone, online video, or by email, that’s no problem. The Tarot of the Everlasting Day is a versatile and comprehensive deck that will always provide you with valuable insights and answers.

As a practitioner using the Tarot of the Everlasting Day, I am extremely excited about the possibilities this deck offers. I believe that a reading with this deck surely has something special to offer you. Are you seeking answers to specific questions or simply looking for a deeper understanding of your life and the world around you? The Tarot of the Everlasting Day is a beautiful and colourful deck designed to provide surprisingly valuable insights and guidance.

So why not experience the magic of the Everlasting Day Tarot for yourself? Book a reading today and discover the wisdom and guidance that this deck has to offer.

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