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Jan Tetteroo Druid - Counsellor - Life Coach - Killarney

Tarot Readings

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As a druid, I have been reading Tarot cards for over 20 years. Let’s see what the cards can tell you about the next steps you can take in your life and which steps to avoid. 

Tarot reading can help you resolve questions and much more!

As a professional Tarot Reader, I will go beyond simple fortune telling. In a reading, we analyse your current situation, what got you there, and actions can you take to influence the outcome.

We can go deep into a specific topic like:

  • Love and relationships.
  • Career, money, or business.
  • Past, Present, Future.
  • Life’s big question.

I also do general readings where we try to find out which aspects of life are of importance and how to approach these. Here, the question would most likely be:

What is it I need to know today?

I can do a reading in person on our location near Killarney, Ireland or meet you on video in my Online Tarot Studio.

Price for a 30-40 minute reading: €55.

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