Tarot Readings in Holly Cottage – Coachford Co. Cork

Unlock Your Future with a Tarot Reading on July 13th in Coachford.

Are you curious about what lies ahead? Looking for guidance on your life’s path? Join me, Jan Tetteroo – The Druid, for a special tarot reading event at the lovely Holly Cottage Holistic Center in Coachford, Co. Cork, P12 HX92 on Saturday, July 13th from 10AM to 6PM.

As an experienced tarot reader with years of practice, I use the ancient art of tarot cards to help shed light on your present circumstances and reveal insights about your future. Whether you’re seeking clarity on relationships, career, finances, or major life decisions, a personalized 30-minute tarot reading can provide you with wisdom and perspective.

During our one-on-one session, I will tap into the mystical energies of the tarot cards and channel messages and advice specifically for you. The cards speak differently to each querent, unlocking unique lessons and revelations tailored to your individual situation. Come with an open mind and leave enlightened!

Tarot readings make wonderful gifts as well. Treat yourself or a loved one to this chance to gain deeper self-awareness and preview what lies ahead on your journey.

Cost: €60 for a 30-minute reading

Location: Holly Cottage Holistic Center, P12 HX92, Coachford, Co. Cork

Times: 10AM – 6PM on Saturday, July 13th.

I only have limited spaces available, so book your reading today! Simply click here to reserve your spot. I’m looking forward to guiding you through the tarot and helping you unlock your future.

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